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Six Easy Steps for Longarm Services
  • 1. Choose edge to edge design (thread pattern).
  • 2. Choose thread color. If you don't see one you like here, you can choose one from superiorthreads.com.
  • 3. Choose batting from the chart below (or provide it yourself).
  • 4. Prepare your quilt (see preparation steps below).
  • 5. Fill out order form online.
  • 6. Ship your quilt along with a printed sheet of paper containing your name, phone number and email address.

Longarm Services Pricing

Edge to Edge:
1.75 cents per square inch.

Minimum Quilt Charge: $40.00

Cotton and wool batting available upon request. Call for pricing.

Quilt Preparation for Longarm Services
Please prepare your quilt using the steps below. If you need us to complete some of these preparation steps, we can do so for $20 per hour.

  • 1. Press your quilt top and backing thoroughly.
  • 2. If you pre-wash the fabrics in your quilt top, you need to pre-wash the backing as well.
  • 3. Clip all loose threads from back and front of quilt top.
  • 4. Square up backing fabric so that we don't have to charge you for it.
  • 5. Your backing and batting must be a minimum of 4" to 6 larger than your quilt top on all four sides.
  • 6. Do not baste, pin or tack your quilt together. Just fold each piece separately.
  • 7. When seaming your backing, be sure to remove all salvages.
  • 8. Be aware that pieced-in fullness and/or puckers, cannot be quilted out.

Additional Longarm Services Information
  • a. Allow two to four weeks for the return of the finished product.
  • b. Full balance due when quilt is complete and ready to ship to you.
  • c. Optional services: Trimming and machine binding are also offered. See order form for pricing and details.
  • d. A confirmation email with the total cost including shipping will be sent to you shortly after the order is recieved.
  • e. Extra cutting, ironing and/or sewing ($20/hour).
  • f. Please call with any questions. (602) 578-9457.

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